Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving On.......

here we go for the closet sanctity of life,
reflected back to live and divide the desires stereotype,
here we go for the search of deep trenches for the attainment,
induced back with the hindrances of detainment.

and we move on
and we move on with,

here we go for the thoughts and knowledge pure,
and get back the erections of ignore,
here we go for reaching and grabbing the feast,
and what we get is the least.

and we move on with,
and we move on

here we go for the placid developing surrounding,
and gear up for unleashing the zest,
then we realize the complications of bounding,
and the actions succumbs for trepidation of losing the rest.

and we move on with,
and we move on

and we know the time would come,
when we would be able to live and not just believe,
when we would stop saying move on,
and proceed with liberty self drawn.

and then we think of moving away from this illegitimate tide,
wherein we could find the offshore bountiful sight,
where contentment crosses the new divide,
and we start living the conglomerate spreads of light.


  1. I liked every picture attached to the blog..well set..nd even the blogs are awesum..keep it up.