Friday, September 11, 2009

Times of clashing eyes

It was a hazy time,
however hard i thought, i could not find,
the reason behind that unusual smile,
and i got more puzzled as clocks agile.

some estimable looks on her eyes,
then some mystical ways of shies,
made my deeds filled with tries,
enabled my heart to overwhelm with joys.

the amazing feeling of getting near,
brought an unnatural fear,
my talks and looks tried to impress,
but i did'nt know how to express.

i was on cloud no. 9,
when i looked into the eyes that shine,
and she looked back to mine,
and it was like dream come true,
when our staring eyes got glue.

oh god ! as i always knew,
good times just flew,
as the people pass by,
i was on the edge where the two moments get tie,

as she was heading towards the crowd unknown,
i tried to let my feelings be shown,
but i did'nt get time to fly or cry,
i just had to adieu with a simple bye.