Sunday, August 22, 2010


Have you ever looked into the eyes of your loved ones while meeting after long,
have you ever witnessed the freedom and enthusiasm of bird when released from incarceration,
or ever felt success assembled from the trails of failure song,
or ever sensed the profoundness in mothers heart seeing her baby born!?

each time we come across such instances fine,
we smile with memories deep inside,
then the valley that divides glorious past and obscure present inherit-ably expands,
we look around for somebody who'll say i am standing by your side,
the somebody who ignites the engram and reverses the flow of moving sands.

the beauty lies in reliving the memories that we live,
contouring hopes of reliving those moments builds spirit in you,
i am ready to face the sun, cross the ocean, or wait for a lifetime,
to have a glimpse of those mesmerizing moments just one more time.