Monday, April 5, 2010

Coming Back To Life

The world around is paradigm of beliefs and convictions,
masquerading themselves in name of resrictions,
at each corner good and bad shifts,
i don't know why humans are divided over such useless rifts.

is it not the endless brutality and agression ?
where someone wins over other's supression,

wasting half of their lifes in books written pages,
learning from fools and from sages,
tying themselves with clutches of society,
limiting the scope of their living to least variety.

i don't know how to dwell in this web of spiders?
where each one is sucking other's blood for sake of dividers,
the world has turned into arena of things so materialistic,
that the respect for human morals and relation is sarcastic.

leaders bluffing the world with political aspects,
creating the atmosphere where brothers suspects,
immature misutilization of snatched powers,
bathing in the flowing blood's showers.

and up on the skies the so called god cries,
" when these beasts running with swords and knives,
would turn back into humans coming back to life ? "

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