Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Curious Childhood and Altered Maturity

I used to look up on the skies so deep,
drawing the designs of pencils,flowers and sheep,
solving the mystery of the shining star,
trying to fetch the objects created far.

I used to run in the rainy waters,
dismantling the flow & turning it to shatters,
an attempt to hold the water in fingers,
and with time of attempts the hopes linger.

I used to stare the paperkites in the sky,
declaring their regimes and their shares high,
a wish of getting flown with it like a freebird,
and the imaginations each time got turned into dreams surrendered.

there were innumerous queries in my mind,
but the answers i could rarely find,
it was then the voidness of uncertainity and curiosity seemed to meet,
now i realize that it was all reflection of chilhood sweet.

and now when the glory touches the feet,
and the answers are few which lay discrete,
the subnormal queries starts palliating,
i don't know why discontent is elevating.

the world is an exponential agenda of unsolved problems,
as we move on, we find the real knowledge tremblems,
people running for something called "money".
not realizing essence of calling themselves as "social animals" is funny.

the world of economic hitmen and their jackals,
resource is what for they let others fight battles,
utilizing research as a contraption of profits and commercializations,
and nobody's questioning about the damnification of civilizations.

the greed did'nt ameliorate over centuries depleting,
previous ones were overcasted by capturing,
and now when the whole world is over with it,
the new question evolves of sustaining,

i think, i was more mature when i was child,
as now i can't help except being part of this system fragile,
sometimes i really miss those curiosities undefined,
rather than being part of this paranoia superfined.

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