Friday, November 25, 2011


There are times when my brain stops thinking and starts to fall,
there are times when my heart starts beating fast and then stops beating at all,
there are times when there is a relish of having a look at you,
and then there is an opaque of your surrounding blue !

i don't know how to tackle the instant frontier of your presence,
the panicking of moves for the fear of your sudden absence,
there is a world around and it feels running away,
but deep inside, the time should stop i pray...

its the time that pile up the memories and instances,
the memories that i feel fresh and alive,
and its the time again that is responsible for the distances,
'cause the same look in your eyes fetches the sorrow and the smile...

I feel new each-time i start feeling about you,
are you mysterious or just the shadow of how i am,
i try to make you happy by maximum i can give,
'cause i know people who make you feel same are few...

i know its a hard world for the simplicity we share,
i know its the uncertainty that objects our dreams' stay,
but it feels great when you say i am still there where we were,
talking, fighting, delighting, explaining and smiling with nothing in our way. :-)

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